The Astonishing Tale of Chinese Bamboo

Chinese Bamboo

Today’s will be a short note but very pertinent. Lets start with this amazing tale on patience and hard work from none other than Rahul Dravid, ‘The Wall’ of Indian Cricket:

“My wife and I have built a new home with a lovely garden, which houses lovely Bamboo trees. I got reading on the Chinese bamboo and learned that the tree takes 5 years, 3 months to grow to its whole height of 80 feet Yet, for the first 5 years, you only see a tiny green shoot, but in the next 90 days, it grows into a full-fledged tree. But in those first 60 months, it is growing its strong network of roots underground, to support the tree. In an era of instant gratification, we settle for shorter trees, but remember- patience has its reward. These are your years of growing that strong network of roots but be sure when you finally achieve your success, people will call it “overnight success”. If only they knew of the chinese bamboo!”

Have you taken out the time to grow your roots?

In times of instant gratification, wherein we look for immediate rewards, patience as a virtue has taken a backseat. We want to act. And react. And seek favourable results, immediately! At the same time, one has to agree that, in practice, exercising patience is easier said than done! A quote from Julius Caesar comes to mind:

“It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.”

In case of investing, it is more relevant than ever in the bull markets of today. If everyone is making money and you are not, the mind can do funny things to you. You may start to question your wisdom. The process can be painful. Maybe that you are wrong, but if you have done your homework well, patience is all what you need for the things to play out. Similarly, in case of panics, if you can keep your head high just as others around you are losing theirs, the rewards are for you to reap. Just, wait with all your weight! 🙂

On a lighter note: “Don’t cross the bridge until you come to it.” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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